People Behind Prista Media

Meet our talented team of creatives, attractive, and magic makers
Kamyar Mihandost
content Marketing
Nigar Mihandost
UI/UX Designer
Diyako Palizi
Creative Director
Mehdi Palizi
SEO Analysis
Midia Palizi
Web Developer
shwane Palizi
Frontend Developer

Our Team Skills

We want you to understand what we do so we always explain things in plain English. After all, it’s hard enough to set up a business without learning marketing jargon too!

We aim to be transparent with all costs involved and are happy to give our customers any help required to succeed online.

Social Media Marketing
Web Development
Content Management

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The whole effort of Prista Media Marketing team is to create a good sense of online business. In today’s digital world, success in this field can be very attractive. During our time in the field of web and digital marketing, we have gained a lot of experience and have been able to find the right ways to succeed after providing advice to many small and large businesses; So that we can provide it to you right now. Our goal is your satisfaction.

Creative multiethnic team of five skilled young colleagues working with data and marketing charts in

Latest Blog

We want to help everyone succeed with their businesses, which is why if we notice something that we get asked about frequently, we will write a blog so that everyone can learn from it!